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Costs Covered by School Budget AND Team Fundraising
Uniforms (borrowed)            $120 - $450 each (budget covers approx.50%)
Competitions                $200 entry fee - each competition up to $600
Music Editing                $100-$400 per routine (covers $90)
First Aid Supplies            $250
Video and Audio Tapes        $80

Registration Fee            $25
Weight Room Pass            $10
Team socks (girls)            $  6
Maroon Cheer Shorts (girls)    $  8

Costs Covered By TEAM Fundraising
The O'Leary Cheer Team is dedicated to keeping the costs to team members as low as possible.  CHEER IS AN EXPENSIVE SPORT!!!  For this reason there will be a HEAVY emphasis on Fundraising through out the year to purchase the following items:

Team Sweaters (borrowed)            $34 each
Uniforms (borrowed)                $120 - $450 each (remaining 50%)
Competitions                    $200 entry fee (each beyond $600)
Music Editing                    $100-$400 per routine (beyond $90)
Sunday workshops (one per month)    $10 per student per session
Props (signs, banners, poms, flags)    $600-$800
Regular transportation            Depends on carpools available

Costs covered by Team Members / Individual Fundraising  (Required)
Rental of Gymnastics Space            $4 per student, per hour
Spartans T- Shirt                    Required for Phys Ed
Summer Camp                    Varies
White (long sleeve) sweater                Varies
Heavy-weight figure-skating tights (girls)        Varies
Transportation/Lodging for out-of-town events    Varies

Additional Costs (Not Required)
Team Track Suit - personalized            $120
Personalized Team Sweater            $  42
Own uniform                        $ 120
Summer Camps/ Workshops            Varies