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President, Mrs. Julie L'Heureux
Mrs. L'Heureux has devoted herself to the Cheer Team for the last year as our Fund-Raising Coordinator.  She attends as many practices as possible and accompanied the team to most competitions.  The team is very fortunate to have Mrs. L'Heureux at the "helm".  She went through all of our growing pains with us and is very familiar with the sport, the team, and the needs of everyone involved.

Vice President, Mrs.Shelley Abray
Mrs. Abray will assist Mrs. L'Heureux as part of the decision-making process and will take over the roles and responsibilities of the President in her absence.  Mrs. Abray will also act as a Liaison with the Archbishop O'Leary High School Parent Association by attending their meetings and updating the O.C.D.P.A. of all relevant information.

The team sincerely thanks Mrs. Abray for her committment.

Treasurer, Mrs. Rosalina Valeriano
Mrs. Valeriano is a successful accountant who has generously offered to donate her time and talents to the 2001/2002 team in setting up and managing the O.C.D.P.A. bookkeeping and accounting systems.  This will be the first year that the team's funds (excluding the School budget for which Ms. Rich will be responsible) will be handled directly by the association.

Fundraising Coordinator, Mrs. Bonnie Drouillard
Mrs. Drouillard brings a great deal of experience, knowledge and ideas for fundraising to our association.  She has been involved in MANY fundraising efforts including being very active in fundraising for Edmonton's renowned Folk Festival.  

Mrs. Drouillard will be looking into the legalities and paperwork involved with encorporating the association as a not-for-profit organization.  In addition, she has volunteered to coordinate a variety of fundraisers for the team.

If you have a good idea for raising funds, please contact Mrs. Drouillard.

Communications Director, Mrs. Julie Vandenbroek
Mrs. Vandenbroek has generously volunteered her time to ensure that information gets where it's going!  She will be in contact with the Coaches, President, and Fundraising Coordinator to ensure that everyone involved with team events and practices is up-to-date regarding where and when events are occurring.  Mrs. Vandenbroek will also ensure that events are adequately supervised.

As the director, Mrs. Vandenbroek may be calling athletes and parents to volunteer in a variety of capacities - including making phone calls to assist her in this role.

Mrs. Rich will continue to write newsletters and maintain this website for the 2001/02 season.

School Staff Liaison and Secretary - Mrs. Susan Rich, Teacher and Coach

Designated Coach - Mr. David Liska