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General Requirements

Meeting, Documentation and Marks
   You and your parent(s) must meet, individually, with one of the coaches to discuss WHAT IT TAKES TO STAY ON THE TEAM!
   If you are selected you will be given a letter to take to your parent(s).  It will indicate:
   Required documentation
   Required items/ fees (minimal)
   A request that both you and your parent read and understand this information package and contact a coach or manager if you have any questions.
   A request that you ask your parent to set up a meeting with one of the coaches to ensure both you and your parent are aware of your obligations to the team.
   A list of available meeting times/locations.
   YOU MUST MAINTAIN A PASSING MARK IN ALL CORE SUBJECTS (English, Social Studies, Math and Science).

Fund Raising
   All team members are expected to participate in fundraising events throughout the year.  These may include:
   Car Washes
   Promotional Fundraising in conjunction with local business
   Tending a merchandise table selling O'Leary Promotional items at school events
   Working bingos and doing store inventories, etc. as opportunities arise.
   Seeking fundraising opportunities
   Selling fund raising items.
   Assisting/Facilitating team events (i.e. hosting competitions, etc.)
   Fundraising will be divided into "team" and "individual" fundraising (Ms. Rich will keep records).  You must participate in a MINIMUM of 20 hours of group/TEAM fundraising activities in order to get your Sports 15/25 credit.
Attend a Summer Camp
   There are a variety of summer camps available to athletes.  They vary in length (one day to two weeks) and are available locally throughout the summer.  A list if camps should be available by tryouts.
   The cost of summer camps must be borne by the athlete.  Existing team members may use individual fundraising to cover these costs.
   Ideally, Ms. Rich would like to see the 2001/2002 team attend a weekend summer camp AS A TEAM.  There should be more information regarding this by tryouts.

All members:
   Will register for Sports 15 or 25  (FIVE credits for full participation).
   Will attend a Weight Room Orientation Session and obtain a Weight Room pass.
   Will work on weight training a minimum of one hour per week, every week (on your own time - you will have a "sign-off" page).
   Members ON the football team will attend a minimum of two stunting/gymnastics practices each month (see "Practice Times" below).
   Will attend a team practice (at a gymnastics club) EVERY LAST SUNDAY of each month from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.. (transportation arranged by the coaches).