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During Competition Season
Time expectations
PRACTICE TIME expectations of "Team members not on the Football Team"  will be extended to All team members with the following changes:
(Obviously) you will no longer need to attend football games.
WEDNESDAYGENERAL PRACTICES WILL BE MOVED TO 5:30 p.m. TO 7:30 p.m. (guys may be exempt from this practice occasionally while the girls work on the dance and cheer sections - watch and listen to announcements - see "Code of Conduct"!)
Additional stunting practice options will be held at the school from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Wednesday EVENING gymnastics club practices will become a regular stunting practice time.
You will be expected to attend a minimum of TWO stunting/gymnastics practices per week, every week.

Activity Expectations
Your role on the Competitive Team(s)
Your role on the competitive team will be determined and may be changed based exclusively upon TWO FACTORS which will be judged on an ongoing basis by coaches:
Your conformity to ALL team expectations, rules AND CODE OF CONDUCT including you behavior, participation, attitude, and team spirit.
Your abilities and talents in each role.
Work on Competition Routine(s)
Normally Cheer Routines typically have three parts:
A Dance Section
A Cheer Section
A Finale Section
Typically through out the routine, the squad is involved in different simultaneous activities.  For example, it is normal to have a stunt being performed, with dancers performing in front of them, finishing with a gymnastics run.
Certain members may be almost exclusively involved in only ONE or TWO aspects of the sport.
To be on the competitive team, this activity MUST be your priority (other than studies).  Involvement in other school or community clubs or activities is discouraged from December to Mid-March - unless you clearly understand that missing practice to participate in other activities will not be excused.  Finally, leaving practice early to accommodate other activities will not be excused.  Depending upon the coach, you may be considered absent from practice, or (the equivalent of) late for practice if this occurs.
Competition dates SHOULD be available by the time the competitive team is "cast".  If you are unavailable for any competition dates, you will be "cast" as an alternate.

Support O'Leary Events
Provide entertainment (routine) for:
all four Pep Rallies (during school hours).
Open House (an evening in early March)
O'Leary Senior basketball teams' home games (Senior Boys and Senior Lady Spartans) that are scheduled on Mondays or Wednesdays.
Competing in Disneyland
It remains our declared goal to take our competitive team to Disneyland (one of the largest Cheer competition in the world).
Obviously additional costs and fundraising will be associated with this event if we are to be successful in achieving our goal.
Parental and volunteerism will be essential to the team in meeting this goal.