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O'Leary Cheer and Dance Parent Association
Article I. Name and Objectives
The name of the organisation shall be the O'Leary Cheer and Dance Parent Association, hereinafter referred to as the O.C.D.P.A.
The objectives of the O.C.D.P.A. shall be:
To provide support to the Coaches, Athletes and other parents through volunteer activities in the areas of supervision, fund-raising, competitions, committees, etc.
To establish an Executive Body through which the responsibility for these tasks can be organised and, where necessary, committees established.
To provide a consistent set of expectations for the athletes involved in these programs.
To encourage cheerleaders to have respect for the sport and thus gain respect from others through their actions in the school and their support of ALL O'Leary functions and activities. O.C.D.P.A.
To host competitions.
To develop skill level, enthusiasm, and a repertoire of cheers, chants, stunts, pyramids, and dances.
To forge a better understanding with principals, school board administration, physical education departments, and other school athletic associations.
The O.C.D.P.A. shall be known as a non-profit organisation. No member shall benefit financially from the organisation.

Article II. Membership
The O.C.D.P.A.'s fiscal year shall be from June 1 to May 31.
Membership is open to any person or organisation involved with cheerleading or Dance at O'Leary.  Voting membership will be limited to one adult support person for each involved athlete.

Article III. Executive
The executive shall consist of the officers and directors who shall have the right to attend all executive meetings.
The executive shall have the power to conduct all business of the O.C.D.P.A. unless specifically limited by the constitution, school, or other governing agencies (i.e. Alberta Cheerleading or National Cheerleading Associations).
The O.C.D.P.A. shall consist of a president, past-president, vice president, president-elect, secretary-treasurer, and various director positions.
The number of directors shall be determined by the outgoing executive prior to the call of the Annual General Meeting depending on the needs of the O.C.D.P.A.  Voting executive shall be limited to all occupied quorum positions (i.e. all executive positions except non-quorum (ad-hoc) Directors).
The executive is arranged in such a way that ideally, a parent/support person for a grade ten student will be Vice-President and then move through the positions of President and Past President while the athlete goes through grade 11 and 12, respectively.  This should promote continuity in the executive; however, this arrangement is not a requirement of this constitution.  As a result, there may be years in which the executive will operate without a person holding the Past-President position.

The duties of the offices and directors shall be:
President: Represents the O.C.D.P.A., attends and chairs all executive meetings, attends and chairs the Annual General Meeting, plans and promotes all O.C.D.P.A. activities, applies for funding, and has co-signing authority (along with one of the two other designated persons) on the O.C.D.P.A. bank account.  Ensures constitution is being fulfilled.
Past-President: Assists the president, plans and promotes O.C.D.P.A. activities, acts a resource person.
President-Elect: Assists the president in all duties, part of the decision-making process, acts as a resource person.  Takes over the roles and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.  Acts as a Liaison with the Archbishop O'Leary High School Parent Association by attending their meetings and updating the O.C.D.P.A. of all relevant information.
Secretary: Takes minutes, writes letters, files all relevant materials.
School Staff Liaison:  deals with all matters that involve Alberta Sports Association, Edmonton Catholic Schools, Archbishop O'Leary High School (including the O'Leary Cheer and Dance Budgets), the Alberta and National Cheerleading Associations, Cheer Teams from other schools/organisations, is the main telephone contact for all matters concerning the O'Leary Cheer or Dance Teams and has co-signing authority (along with one of the two other designated persons) on the O.C.D.P.A. bank account. Maintains updates web site and newsletters in conjunction with the Communications Director.  Develops all volunteer supervisors' "job descriptions".   Assists the Coach in the day-to-day activities of the Cheer and Dance Teams. Works with Volunteer Supervisors and Coaches to ensure safety and discipline at all team activities.  Attends, or arranges for another O'Leary staff person to attend all competitions with the team.
Designated Coach:   in conjunction with the School Staff Liaison and Supervision Director, directs or ensures responsible direction and supervision at all team practices and activities with a focus on safety and discipline at all team activities.  Develops lesson plans to guide practices and arranges for choreography and music for all routines and cheers.  This position may be held by the School Staff Liaison or a qualified Coach as designated by the School Staff Liaison. Attends, or arranges for another coach to attend all competitions with the team.
Team Liaison:  represents the teams at all executive meetings.  Team concerns are brought to the attention of the executive through the designated liaison.  Reports  O.C.D.P.A. decisions through an oral report to team membership.
Treasurer: opens all bank accounts, prepares ledgers, cheques, etc., files accounts with an accountant for annual audit, deposits money into accounts, keeps track of fees and fund-raising and has co-signing authority (along with one of the two other designated persons) on the O.C.D.P.A. bank account.
Communications Director: updates Information Package and Code of Conduct, sends O.C.D.P.A.  e-mail/information to members, maintains and updates contact list/membership list, and is the main (evening) telephone contact for the O.C.D.P.A (not the main contact for the O'Leary Cheer or Dance Teams - see School Staff Liaison). Maintains updates web site and newsletters in conjunction with the School Staff Liaison.
Fund-raising Director: applies for association status, gaming licence and ensures all documentation is filed with the proper authorities to ensure the O.C.D.P.A. is legally considered a "not-for-profit charitable organisation" and is eligible to raise funds in as many ways as legally possible.  Accepts suggestions for fund-raisers and researches all fund-raising ideas for viability/appropriateness (in consultation with the School Staff Liaison).  Establishes the fund-raiser to the point that all participants understand how to raise funds, collect items for sale, submit funds, etc.  The Director then recruits Co-ordinators to oversee each fund-raiser. (i.e. Bingo Co-ordinator, Sales Co-ordinator, etc.)  Keeps track of group fund-raising hours provided by each athlete and advises athletes of their status (requirements as per the Information Package).  Determines whether efforts for each fund-raiser are considered for the benefit of the team or the individual athlete.
Supervision Director:  liaises with the School Staff Liaison, Coaches, and Fund-raising Co-ordinators to maintain a current list of all team activities that require volunteer adult supervision.  Ensures that volunteer supervisors have been assigned where needed and that volunteer supervisors have all required information (i.e. "job description", address, time).  Keeps track of volunteer hours provided on behalf of each athlete and advises athletes/support persons of their volunteer status (requirements as per the Information Package).
Other (non quorum/ad hoc) Directors: Help to organise and promote specific O.C.D.P.A. events, and responsibilities as determined by the executive (i.e. Competition Director, Disneyland Director, Canadian Nationals Director, Uniforms Director), acts as a resource person.

Article IV. Nominations and Elections
Election to the executive will occur at the annual general meeting as scheduled by the executive.
All voters must be active members of the current O.C.D.P.A. representing an athlete with paid up fees for the upcoming year. Memberships identified at the A.G.M. will be good for the following cheerleading season.
Vote by mail or by proxy shall be allowed if there is a 2/3rd majority in favour of the proxy vote.
The term of office shall be from June 1 to May 31, unless otherwise specified in carried O.C.D.P.A. motions.
All currently elected persons shall be eligible for re-election.
A change in executive can only be made with a vote of approval by two-thirds of the membership.
New officers/directors must be an O.C.D.P.A. member in good standing.
The executive, at the first executive meeting, shall determine officers' and directors' specific duties.
Article V. Meetings
There shall be at least two executive meetings per year.
There shall be one annual general meeting each year in May or June for the purpose of election of the executive and input of the membership.

Article VI. Rules and Recommendations for Team Participation
Rules and recommendations will be reviewed annually by the executive.
O.C.D.P.A. rules will stand for 2 competition seasons. After they have been in effect for 2 seasons, they will be reviewed and revised by the body as necessary. However, at the discretion of the executive, a rule can be revoked or amended before the 2-year period has passed. If this occurs, the changes will be forwarded to all O.C.D.P.A. members immediately.
Motions to change rules can only be made by a vote of approval of at least 15% of the body and 2 executive members.

Article VII. Amendments
Amendments to the constitution will be made annually by a vote of approval of two-thirds of the membership present.

Article VIII. Dissolution
The O.C.D.P.A. may be dissolved at any time by written consent of two-thirds of the executive.

Article IX. Interpretation
1. The executive shall give the interpretation of the constitution.