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Dance and Gymnastic Elements
   Since 2/3 of a Cheer Routine is set to music, dance and gymnastic elements occur concurrently with stunts.  Dance and Gymnastics elements are judged as follows:
   How Dance and Gymnastics are Judged
   Dance sections are judged by the team's ability to:
   BE SYNCHRONIZED!!!  More important than advanced technique, dance elements (arms, jumps, etc.) MUST be performed EXACTLY the SAME WAY and at EXACTLY the right TIME.  
   INVOLVE a VARIETY of SPACIAL ARRANGEMENTS (variety in spacing and shape of the dance formation).
   BE CENTRED ON THE MAT (as well as use the full area of the mat.)
   Complement and enhance the music.
   The gymnastics element is judged based on the complexity and control displayed in the run, AND the number of team members involved in a synchronous maneuver (and that they ARE synchronized).